We interviewed Team Manager Jani Vesterinen from Sanoma Learning. He told us about their future plans and what kinds of technologies they are using in their development team.

Can you tell us who you are and what Sanoma Learning is doing?

I am Jani Vesterinen and I am working as a Team Manager in our Kampus team in Helsinki. We at Sanoma Learning are shaping the future of education and for that, we are developing a secondary education platform.

Printed and digital materials in education have been used in one way for a long time and we believe that this should be rethought. Our platform will improve the learning process with the help of technology.

Can you tell us more about the platform you are developing?

Like said before the platform will have a big impact on learning and teaching. We can offer teachers a seamless experience and place were to combine all the materials and exercises. With the help of the platform the teacher will be able to follow-up with students and build individual learning processes. Besides that, students will have customized materials that support their own and unique way of learning. We want to compile both digital and printed materials so that both students and teachers can be more successful.

What about the technical point of view?

In summary, the idea is to build a very scalable platform. We have a very modern technology stack as the development has started only two years ago. There are no legacy systems in use and we want to make sure that we are not gonna have a legacy in the future either. We are not locking ourselves on any specific technologies and we are updating and testing them as we are developing.

For backend development, we are using Docker, Java, Node.js. For front end development we are currently using TypeScript, JavaScript, Angular, RxJS, NgRx/Redux, Karma, Jasmine, SASS. Besides that, our development team is relying on AWS, Micro Services, and Serverless Architecture.

How does your road map look like?

We are currently operating in five different regions but we are planning to expand to new ones. This means, for example, new features and making sure that our platform is as scalable as possible. We are also planning to include more AI and Machine learning on our platform.

What kind of team you have?

At the moment we have 8 people working in our development but we are growing the team with 10 people in the next year. We are looking for senior front end, back end and cloud developers. In the future we are also planning to take more junior developers and be able to build an environment where both juniors and seniors can learn together.

We have a DevOps mindset in our development team. As a manager, I trust that our team can make the best technical decisions themselves and I try to make their work as seamless as possible.