Can you tell us who you are and what do you do?

I am Jagrati, an individual who thinks big and achieve that, also believe in giving back to the society. I believe in action more than words. I am a Business Development Manager by profession and my primary responsibility to transform my customers digitally and solve their business problems by making them technology advance.

How did you end up working in IT-field ?

Hmm…So I was in my 10th Std and appearing for board exams that’s where I read about IT industry in newspaper. That time IT was growing at a great pace in India and it was offering Global Delivery Model to deliver services throughout the globe. I liked the idea that people are getting opportunity to work across the globe and being close to the technology and innovative ideas. That’s when I decided to be part of IT industry someday and decided to pursue my bachelor’s degree in IT.

What kinds of projects/technologies do you get to see and work with?

In my 5 years of work experience, I have got to work on technologies like Java, SQL, SAP FICO, Cloud etc. Currently I am leading the digital transformation agenda in Finland where I am helping my customers to solve their business issues using digital technology.

How do you see the diversity in this field?

I believe it’s a fantastic place to work for women. I could see many of my friends joining IT with lot of passion, interest and with a willingness to see a long-term growth and success. It’s a great area where you get to work with everyone across the globe. Hence, gender, nationality, race is not a barrier instead a great opportunity for everyone to learn from each other and grow in their agenda of leading a good life and give back to the society.

What tips you would give to women who want to work in IT-field?

Don’t get settled for something because people around you have settled for it. Women have proved themselves at all levels in IT and has shown that they can run companies, be managers, amazing individual contributors. Voice out when someone tries to sideline you. Company eventually wants the new ideas and new effective ways of doing business and women are doing great to this. So keep your search on and choose people wisely, who respects of you being a women and a talented working women in IT.